There are some things you want to avoid when creating your profile for a black online dating website. It’s all about safety when you’re dating online and you never want to part with too much personal information too soon. Think of online dating as a mixer at a local church or community organization. You would never share a ton of information about yourself from the get-go, so it’s the same deal when meeting people online. You never know what a person’s intentions are and you want to keep yourself safe.

4 Things To Never Put On Your Black Online Dating Website Profile

No Last Names

Never put your name in your profile at a black online dating site. This especially goes for your last name. If your name is Stacy, you could put Stacy781, but never throw your last name into the mix. Most professional online dating consultants also suggest staying away from your first name as well. Think of something quirky you’ll remember and will stand out in the crowd. You can also throw in a few numbers. With the vast amount of black online daters, a favorite fictitious character’s name may be taken, so make it your own by tacking on a few numbers.

No Locations

When creating your profile for a black online dating site, don’t post any information about what area you live or where you work. You can name local places you enjoy visiting, but make sure they are public places such as a restaurant or bar. Refrain from naming local joints you frequent because you never know who may check out your online profile and then miraculously show up at this place of business hoping to “run into” you. You want to stay safe when dating online and plastering your favorite hangouts all over your profile isn’t headed in the right direction.

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Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry

Don’t put all of your business out there. Any personal issues should stay personal. After all, who knows what you’ll end up with from this online dating experience and there’s no reason for total strangers to know your deep seeded issues. If you put this information on your profile, you run the risk of scaring potential dates off. You don’t want to say too much, so stick to the basics. Your profile name, along with a few interests and what you’re on the site pursuing. There’s nothing wrong with saying you’re looking for a long term relationship, but you don’t want to tell the sob story of heartbreaks you’ve encountered and why you continue to be a hopeless romantic.

No Funny Business

Avoid trying to be funny or using sarcasm as a way of coming off as cool. It won’t work around these parts. Most people looking for a date through an online dating site want someone genuine. They’re tired of the bar scene and folks looking for a quick hookup. You want your profile on a black online dating site to come off as genuine. After all, you signed up to get a date, right? Be sincere in what your interests are and what you’re looking for and you’re likely to attract someone who will appreciate you for you and you may make a real connection.