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  • Some features are paid
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  • Online dating with black people 24/7
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  • A paid Premium plan
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Are you starting to think you’ll never find your soulmate? Consider this: currently, over 8,000 online dating sites exist in California and worldwide. That’s a lot of competition, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. On the contrary, that means your perfect person is out there waiting for you. 

First, you need to know what kind of a person you’re looking for. 

And then, you need to know where to look. 

We recommend these California online dating sites because they are special in two ways. The first reason is – compared to the competition, they have the highest success rate. Whatever you’re looking for, it’s most likely you’ll find it there. And second, they are among the best black dating sites in California. 

So whether you’re looking for single women or single men in California, no matter if you prefer a sharp mind over a killer body (or vice versa), regardless of how serious you like your relationships to be, these online dating websites for black people in CA will help you find just what you’ve been looking for. 

Black Dating Sites in California for single people – the number one dating app in California 

If you’re looking to meet singles in CA, Kismia is an obvious choice. 

With around 15 million users, this online dating website is a perfect way to get familiar with the scene and meet like-minded people of all colors, ethnicities, genders, and sexual tastes. Whether you’re ready to find love and get married or just discovered the many joys of hooking up, Kismia is for you. 

One of the best things about this website is its amazing gender ratio – 51% men to 49% women. If you’re anything like me and you’re looking for black single women in California, you know how important this is. Most dating sites are overcrowded with men, so meeting attractive and smart women is virtually impossible. 

Kismia is a fantastic dating app all-around, so make sure to check it out.

Kismia - Black Dating Sites in California

BlackPeopleMeet is another excellent dating site that most of us in the office still use daily (even though we’ve initially set up profiles only to review it). It’s significantly smaller than Kismia – it boasts over 1 million users. However, its community is dominantly black, which makes it a niche dating site. 

It has a good gender ratio, too – 53% women to 47% men. 

Most importantly, BlackPeopleMeet offers powerful location-based search filters. 

The option to search for nearby partners is crucial for local black singles in California. In addition, BlackPeopleMeet has many excellent features, such as pre-scripted Message Ideas and audio and video greetings. On the downside, there’s no algorithm to help you find the best match, so you’re on your own. 

Blackpeoplemeet - Black Dating Sites in California

Mingle2 is a free dating website with a vast and all-inclusive user base. 

The first thing that comes to mind is – are there enough African-Americans from California there? The answer is a resounding yes, but you’ll need to rely on the site’s search filters to discover them. Luckily, this is a free feature, which brings us to the second question on everyone’s mind. Where’s the catch?

The catch with Mingle2 is that there are a lot of ads and fake profiles.

If you ask us, this is a small price to pay for all of the advantages that Mingle2 offers. Aside from a few paid options, everything else on this website is free. There aren’t many popular dating sites in California like this, so trying your luck there can’t hurt you. Open a profile and keep it as your plan B.

Mingle2 - Black Dating Sites in California

If you’re looking for relationship-minded African-Americans in CA, Blackwink is one of the best California online dating websites for you. With just shy of half a million users, this is a fantastic place to meet local intelligence and have a genuine, long-term connection. I met a wonderful girl on Blackwink a while back. 

What we like about Blackwink is its warm-hearted and accepting community.

What we don’t like about it is that unlimited messaging is a paid feature. 

This doesn’t have to be a problem if you have a budget for dating apps, mainly because Blackwink membership is not particularly expensive. A more significant issue to some might be that there isn’t a mobile app, only a (pretty good) mobile version of the website. Blackwink has its pros and cons, but we love it.

Blackwink - Black Dating Sites in California


Between Kismia, BlackPeopleMeet, Mingle2, and Blackwink, single black people from CA have many great opportunities to find a perfect date. In our opinion, Kismia is the best online dating app in California. Mingle2 is the closest all-inclusive contender, but it has too many ads and fake profiles. BlackPeopleMeet and Blackwink are equally good if you prefer a dominantly African-American crowd. 

The best way to find out which one is the best is to try them all. 

Whichever you choose, we have no doubt you’ll meet your ebony sugar. 


Are online dating websites safe for African-American people?

Kismia, BlackPeopleMeet, Mingle2, and Blackwink are 100% legit and safe to use. Not all dating websites and apps provide a safe, private, and secure dating environment. Many sites have a lot of fake profiles, spammers, and scammers. As always, you need to be careful when you decide to take your online date offline, but we never recommend websites that would knowingly put their users at any kind of risk. 

Which site is better for meeting black singles – Kismia or Mingle2?

Personally, we prefer Kismia. According to our research, so do millions of other satisfied users. Even though Mingle2 is one of the few free online dating websites, it’s ridden with ads and fake profiles. You’ll have to pay for a Kismia membership, but you’ll get your money’s worth when you meet a perfect date.

Do popular black dating sites in California offer free trials? 

Kismia, BlackPeopleMeet, and Blackwink allow you to join their communities for a certain period free of charge. Mingle2 doesn’t have a free trial per se because most of the platform’s features are already free. We always recommend our readers sign up for the free version of any dating website first and then pay for the membership when you decide that the site ticks all the right boxes. 

How to use dating sites to find black singles based in California? 

If you want to meet black singles near you, you need to use advanced search filters, which are available on most dating websites. The bigger the user base, the greater the chances of finding a good match near you. Find advanced search filters on your dating app, pick a location or ZIP code, and cross your fingers.