The term “black dating” means different things to different people, but there are some things you should consider no matter who you meet. Keep in mind, every person is different – we all have various backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences which makes our views of the world unique. And isn’t that something great about dating in general – getting to know someone else’s perspective on things?

Black Dating: What You Need To Know

Following are some things to consider when you’re dating:

Understand what you want

You’re drawn to black dating, whether it’s because of shared experiences, cultural heritage, or a number of other reasons. But there are still a lot of other factors to consider – are you looking for your partner to have a certain ethnicity or background? Do you feel more connected to people who have had similar upbringing or experiences? Do you like strong, independent women or men? Understanding what you are drawn to can help you better connect with the people you meet. 

Choose an online dating site

There are plenty of mainstream sites to join if you’re new to online dating and just want to try it out, but consider some of the niche sites like Black Singles, Afro Introductions, and Ebony Friends. They offer plenty of choice and a lot of great features, but still cater specifically to the black dating market. Even some of the mainstream sites like eHarmony and have their own black dating sites, so there are plenty of options. 

Know what kind of relationship you want

If you’re just looking to date casually, then it’s better to be upfront so you’re on the same page. Same thing if you’re looking for a spouse and kids – don’t you want to know if she’s willing to have a real relationship before you even start dating?

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Don’t limit your choices

As with any online dating site, the fewer restrictions you put in place, the more choice you have. If you limit your matches to people who live within a 10-mile radius, or are at least a certain height, or possess a particular body type, then you could be missing out on a lot of great candidates. Same thing when you’re on the date – even if he wasn’t exactly the guy you pictured, get to know him for who he is and give him a real chance. Keep your mind open and meet more people rather than less.

Know what’s important to you

While I do advise that you keep your options open and online dating search filters loose, I think you should know what is most important to you when it comes to a partner. If you have a strong faith, or a close family, or love to travel, then it’s important to share this with potential partners. Have you been out with men who weren’t interested in being with your family, or going to church with you, or willing to travel? Think about the kind of life you want, your values, and what is a deal-breaker in terms of your relationships. Even if someone shares a similar cultural background, it doesn’t mean that they have much of anything in common with you – we’re all unique.