Are you tired of overcrowded websites and fake profiles? Online dating hasn’t been easy recently, especially for singles with high expectations. If you’re looking to meet a perfect match near you, Loveeto might be an excellent place to start. 

Check out our Loveeto dating site review first because we’ve included everything you need to know about Loveeto dating, from the best features to frequently cited disadvantages. We’ve spent some time using the website, but also consulted honest user reviews – and let us tell you, they’re great!

Loveeto review

Loveeto highlights

  • Real profiles and pics
  • Excellent search filters
  • Fun live chat options
  • Ability to block users
  • Priority Listing (paid)

Best for: Anyone who is single and ready to mingle

User base: Inclusive of every age and all genders

Recommended age: 18+

Free options: Free registration

Customer support: Available 24/7

Expert’s commentary: Dating sites typically don’t have this many real profiles, attractive people, and LGBTQ+ members. Loveeto is honestly one of the best and safest places for hookups on the internet. 

  • A manual verification process for every profile
  • High success rates thanks to Priority Listings
  • Excellent filters for local search and other criteria
  • Uninterrupted live chat flow with cool features 
  • No mobile app for Android or iOS
  • No mobile-responsive website UX

How does Loveeto work?

Loveeto is a US dating site by Cyprus-based Cellar Door Ltd. It welcomes people of all sexual orientations, including but not limited to heterosexuals, gay-lesbian users, queer, transgender, and non-binary members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Here’s how Loveeto dating works and what to expect.

Sign-up process

A lot of dating websites advertise a simple one-step registration process. Loveeto is not one of them.

It has a relatively complex sign-up form requiring you to fill in ten or more fields. However, you can register via Facebook or Google. 

Search filters

If you want to find a match by their age, gender, or photo, you won’t be able to do that on Loveeto. You also won’t be able to find other users who are currently online. Still, the platform supports most other search filters, including location, which is perfect.

What’s even better is that Loveeto allows you to pay for your profile to appear in the Priority Listings, meaning you will have the advantage over other users with similar profiles when somebody searches for a potential match using location or other criteria. 

Loveeto dating site review

Messaging system

Loveeto has several excellent options in the instant messaging platform. First, you can send chat invitations to any user you like and accept or decline invitations from other users. Chatting is available to paying users only.

Another messaging option is “user lock,” which allows you to prevent any user from texting you if you don’t want to receive messages from them. If someone makes you uncomfortable, you have every right to block them – or to report them if they are disrespectful.

If you never know how to approach someone on a dating website, Loveeto dating has a solution for that as well. Instead of looking for open liners on the internet, you can use live chat to send the person you like a virtual gift and wait for them to take the initiative. 

In addition, the messaging system on Loveeto allows you to see when the user you’ve been chatting to is currently online. If you’re browsing the website or talking to somebody else, you can appear invisible to specific users by changing your status to offline. 

Mobile app

One of the few drawbacks of choosing Loveeto is the absence of a mobile app for both Android and iOS. Moreover, Loveeto’s website isn’t mobile-responsive, making it virtually impossible to use the platform via smartphone or tablet. 

Reliability and safety

Privacy and security are crucial to everyone who uses dating websites and apps, whether they use them to find a hookup or a more meaningful relationship. It’s only natural that you’d want to know what Loveeto offers regarding reliability and safety. 

The team behind the platform manually verifies every profile and photograph before posting it to eliminate all fake profiles from the Loveeto dating experience. For the same reason, Loveeto has an extensive sign-up process that requires you to fill out more than ten fields.

Before you join Loveeto, the platform’s security experts must verify your email. The alternative is to register using your Facebook profile or Google account, which Loveeto’s dedicated security team will verify for authentication. 

Help & support 

If you need help with the registration process or you experience any problems once you become a member of the Loveeto community, feel free to contact Loveeto’s friendly and informed customer support using one of these available channels:

young couple on a date


Loveeto is, first and foremost, a per-subscription dating website, even though it does offer a trial membership as an alternative option. However, neither of these models is free, and specific features are available only when you pay for Loveeto premium.

Pricing models available at Loveeto are as follows:

  • Three-day trial membership – $0.33
  • One-month trial membership – $13.05
  • One-week premium membership – $5.27
  • One-month premium membership – $13.05
  • Three-month premium membership – $23.75
  • Six-month premium membership – $27.01

All subscription models on Loveeto automatically renew, so set a timely reminder if you want to discontinue your membership. 


When you overlook the price, which might be a bit on the high end for some users, Loveeto is an excellent platform for meeting like-minded strangers of all sexual orientations, tastes, ages, and genders. The messaging system is fun and perfect for all dating scenarios.

Loveeto is also very safe, which is of no less importance. You’ll also love its Priority Listing feature and its powerful search options. 


1. Will I be able to find other trans people on Loveeto?

Yes! Loveeto is a welcoming community with members of all genders! You can even use the platform’s search filters and discover potential matches in your area. 

2. What is Loveeto’s cancelation policy?

Loveeto automatically renews all memberships, meaning you’ll have to cancel your subscription on time if you want to avoid paying for another week, month, or year. You can contact Loveeto’s customer support anytime to help you with cancellation. 

3. Can I use Loveeto for free? 

No, Loveeto is not free. You can access the website with a trial membership, but you’ll also have to pay for that. You still won’t be able to use most of the platform’s features, though. 

Short love stories


I met this dreamy guy on Loveeto after a couple of weeks of meaningless flirting. We’re still not in a serious relationship, but we like it that way. He’s literally everything I’ve ever dreamed of.


After years and years of searching for someone to click with both emotionally and sexually, I finally met Becky on Loveeto – on the very first day of joining the app. Thank you a million times!



Loveeto is so fun! I’ve been spending a lot of time chatting with people who don’t fit my usual profile, and I’ve been enjoying it so much. I know that I can look for single guys near me, but I like virtual hookups better, so I send out gifts and have fun with emojis instead.


There aren’t many dating sites where you can meet older men who are looking for a gay relationship, at least not in this number. I’ve been using various dating apps for a couple of years now, and this is the only one where I haven’t come across any fake profiles or pics.