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Trans people have different dating experiences, and it’s always been like that. These groups of people weren’t accepted by the general public and still aren’t in some places. Luckily, the time has come when all that doesn’t matter. 

Of course, the LGBTQ+ community will always help every group get their rights, but online dating has changed things. Today there are more and more specialized dating platforms, and it’s easier to find people to date within your group without being judged, insulted, laughed at, or anything else. Online dating for black transgender women and men has improved a lot, and many of them are considering these groups of people and taking care of their needs as well. In this post, we’ll share some of the best dating sites for black trans people and transgender dating overall.

Black Trans

Date freely   

Every trans person knows how difficult it can be to “feel up” someone and see if they are trans and whether they don’t have a problem dating trans people. Finding a dating website for black single trans people clears away all the doubts you might have in your mind. 

Many transgender people, especially the younger ones, are afraid of never experiencing true love because of their gender identity. It’s not always as simple as walking into a place and starting a conversation with someone over a few drinks. Many people in this group are afraid of approaching and being approached by others. However,  some of the top dating websites for black transgender exclusively cater to people with nonbinary sexualities, and there’s no need to worry about being pointed at in any way.

Easier to find a date

Online dating brings people together, which is the case with all types of dating options. In other words, it’s much easier to find someone you like and go out on a date, especially in transgender dating since it’s a smaller community. 

With these platforms, you can tap into large communities instantly and connect with people. If you are looking to find a date outside of your area or you want to meet local people, you have the option. 

The number of people on a single platform makes it easier to find a date and talk to many people. On the other hand, you’re 100% sure that all those people are into transgender dating, so there’s no need to beat around the bush to see what’s what.

black transgender

Say who you are and set up your profile 

Even though online dating has been around for a while, most major dating platforms have been slow in recognizing transgender people and their needs. For example, Tinder has allowed people to add gender identities like genderqueer, trans woman, trans man, and transgender in 2016. 

Of course, there are examples of dating apps and sites that did this right. However, in the past couple of years, people have recognized the need for transgender communities and worked on creating platforms that will let them express themselves. You can freely say that you’re looking to meet black single trans guys, nobody will say a thing, and that’s how it should be. Go out and meet like-minded people! You deserve it.


Kismia is one of the newest dating apps out there, and that’s why it’s so great. It doesn’t limit people in any way, including sexuality, gender identity, and race. There’s an excellent LGBTQ+ community and lots of African American transgender people. If you’re looking for relationship-minded individuals or a hookup, you can find it at Kismia.

kismia site logo
  • Gret mobile app
  • Helpful live chat
  • A new platform that offers versatility
  • Payments are not anonymous


Adult Friend Finder is one of the best dating sites for meeting trans people as there are thousands of transgender men and women, cross-dressers, and transvestites. It has a large user base, and you can search people across areas to get all kinds of dating encounters.

AdultFriendFinder site logo
  • Large and active community
  • Different sexuality options
  • Lots of interactions
  • No matching system


MyTransGenderDate was one of the first communities for trans-oriented men and transgender women. It’s very popular in North America, Asia, and Europe, with around 1 million users. Creating a profile is easy – there are no ads, and site moderators make sure to clear out all the fake profiles.

MyTransGenderDate site logo
  • Exceptional moderation of profiles
  • Transsexual women can send messages for free
  • No ads
  • No mobile app


This website is looking to make a statement as all basic profile information is public. In other words, if you’re still afraid of letting people know you’re trans, this is not a good option. It’s one of those trans dating sites for serious relationships and casual hookups that work, but getting in touch might be challenging at times because there are many members.

TSTVPersonals site logo
  • Reporting works great
  • Established community
  • Good live-chat support
  • Lacks a mobile app
  • All profiles are completely public


Try online dating for African American trans people on one of these sites – you won’t be disappointed. They all offer a free trial or a free option so you can see what they are about before committing.


Is dating for trans-black people online possible? 

Of course, there are many different sites designed for these groups of people, including Kismia, Adult Friend Finder, TSTV Personals, and My Transgender Date. 

How much time do I need to set up a profile on a dating platform? 

It takes about five minutes to register and set up your profile in most cases. Of course, you will need time to perfect your profile and present yourself as best as possible. 

Who can see my profile on a dating site? 

It all depends on the platform itself, but only members can see each other’s profiles in most cases. You can also block specific members if you don’t want them to see your profile or contact you. 

Is it possible to find a serious relationship on a trans site? 

Many transgender people want to be in a committed relationship, and you can be too. Just make it clear what you’re looking for in a relationship.