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As a widow or a widower, it’s normal to question the right timing for going into the world of dating again. If you feel overwhelmed and think it’s too soon to meet someone new, trust your instincts and don’t get into something that may only cause more problems than you already have.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that once there’s a hint of readiness coming your way, there are alternatives to meeting new people other than going out and spending too many nights at clubs or bars. Online dating for black widows is now easier than ever, and we’re here to show you how.

The internet world has given us platforms specifically designed for online dating and chatting with new people through DMs who fall under the category of our preferences. In that sense, single African American widows dating sites offer people from that target group endless conveniences.

Online Dating for Black Widows

Benefits of online dating sites for black widows

Black widows dating online comes with a set of great benefits that you should be aware of. Not only can you meet people interested in casual talking or something more serious, but you’ll never feel short of choices in your search as there will always be hundreds of people online.

The first benefit of these online dating sites is meeting people from the same target group. Widows and widowers can meet people who also lost a partner and understand the challenges this instance comes along with.Meet African American Black Widowers

The second benefit is that the choices are vast, and there are always thousands of online people to choose from. All you have to do is set your preferences, and the matchmaking systems will do the rest. Remember that you’re never alone, and new love will come your way eventually.

The third and most important benefit of dating sites for black widows is that you can meet new people from the comfort of your own home. Usually, you don’t feel like going out when you’re experiencing grief, which is why trying online dating offers connecting with people from the most convenient corner of your home.

List of top online dating sites for black widows

Here are the top four dating websites for African American widows where you can easily meet like-minded people from your target group:

1. JustWidowDating 

JustWidowDating is one of the most user-friendly widowers dating sites for singles to meet singles in their target group and form relationships. It’s perfect for those looking for relationships, romance, friendships, and fun.

Free members can add a photo, create a free profile, send winks, find local people, receive emails from those who add them as favorites, and receive messages from full members. A full membership shows who viewed your profile, DMs, multiple photos, and diaries.

2. OneSinglePerson 

Creating a profile at OneSinglePerson takes just a few moments of your time. You can find thousands of divorced people here looking for their dream partners to form a family with kids or remarry and pursue their romantic relationship once again.

Since building a serious relationship takes time, OneSinglePerson offers a practical messaging system where you can find all the information you need about your potential match. When you feel ready, you can go on your honeymoon for the second time and relive the feeling of being loved.

3. TheWidowDatingClub

TheWidowDatingClub review

There are challenges when you’re a widower, but if you feel like dating again, TheWidowDatingClub is a perfect place to start. This dating platform is specifically for those who want to find love or meet local people again after being single widows for some time.

The price for a month is $29.95 and $19.99/month for three months. But because finding a serious relationship and dating again after a loss of a partner takes time, we suggest you purchase a 6-month membership for $16.66/month or a year membership for $11.67/month.

4. WidowsOrWidowers

WidowsOrWidowers review

WidowsOrWidowers is especially for bereaved single people who want to take an important step and leap to heal their hearts and rediscover love in their life. Widows and widowers who are going through dark days can use the matchmaking system at this website to connect with other singles and freely discuss their grief and pain without judgment and fear.


So far, you should have realized that you’re not alone in your search. Online dating sites for widows and widowers are designed for people alike and feel lonely, scared, and vulnerable. If you feel like you’re the only one struggling, these dating platforms will show you otherwise.

It does indeed take time to heal after a grieving period, and on these platforms, everyone values it. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a partner to have deep talks with or form a family with them and feel loved again, just be patient, and you’ll find it.


1. Will anyone misuse my personal information on online dating sites for black widows?

Most dating sites from this branch are safe, and there are numerous safety precautions, verifications, and sign-up procedures to ensure your privacy is on point. However, what you choose to share in DMs is up to you, and whether someone will misuse that info is not up to the dating platform per se.

2. Can I find local singles near me on online dating sites for black widows?

Most dating platforms for black widows have algorithms and matchmaking systems to use the filter for geographic preferences. If you just want to meet people who live in your area, set that preference, enable that filter, and you’re good to go. 

3. Are dating sites for black widows suitable for relationship-minded people?

Indeed. People on these dating platforms are especially interested in building deep relationships and leading meaningful conversations with people who feel the same way. Honesty is welcome, time is on your side, and you can always find love if you search thoroughly.

4. Are there fake profiles on online dating sites for black widows?

Unfortunately, yes. Even in the most delicate target group, like widowed people, fake profiles can find a place. However, the important thing is that you can immediately report such profiles that seem fake, and the support team will do their best to ban them.