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Although getting a divorce might lead you to believe you’ll never find love again, that doesn’t have to be the case. With divorce becoming more common, plenty of divorced singles are looking for their second chance at love.

The dating sites for black divorced people are perfect for all African American singles searching for a partner with a similar life experience. Whether you’re ready for a serious commitment or you’re just searching for someone to have a friendly chat with, the dating platforms are the ideal spot.

Here you can meet your future best friend or even a spouse. Check this article out to learn everything about divorced black singles dating.

Online Dating for Divorced Black People

Benefits of using divorced black dating sites

If you choose to give online dating a try, soon you’ll notice these dating platforms offer you several unique and helpful benefits traditional dating doesn’t come with. Here are some of the advantages we’d like to mention.

Meet new people

When you’re young, meeting new people is easy. Clubs, bars, and other spots are ideal for finding a date. However, there aren’t many social gathering locations for more mature and experienced people, which makes dating after divorce even more difficult than it already is.

Thanks to online dating, you can meet new people every day, so your busy daily schedule can’t pose a threat anymore. Approaching someone and saying hello is always easier behind the screen, which is an outstanding opportunity to regain your confidence.

Create meaningful connections

Not only can you meet people online, but you can also create genuine connections with other users. Stop wasting your time going on blind dates or on dates with people you barely know only to find you’re not compatible.

Online platforms use advanced technology to create compatible matches and connect similar users. That allows you to meet like-minded singles who might be your perfect match. By analyzing your profile and online behavior, algorithms will do an excellent job of finding someone you’ll build a meaningful connection with.

Learn more about yourself

A big part of dating is learning more about yourself. Through meeting other people, you can discover what you like, don’t like, prioritize, or don’t tolerate. It can help you understand what you’re looking for in a partner.

Dating sites for divorced African American singles give you a chance to meet numerous people to learn a lot about other people and yourself.

Use numerous features

From simple personality quizzes to AI-powered matchmaking algorithms, dating sites for divorcees black people come with all kinds of features.

These features can bring a new element into or completely transform your dating game. Introduce some fun and excitement while exploring these features alone or with another user. Experiment with every feature available to you and see which ones you prefer.

Date safely and comfortably

Dating should be all about safety and comfort. Although stress and feeling nervous are essential parts of first dates, that’s not the best environment to meet people and represent yourself in the best light.

Online dates are perfect for this reason – you can date from the comfort and safety of your home, where you’re relaxed and at peace. Your dates will go much smoother, and you’ll have more fun.

divorced black couple on a date

The 4 best divorce black dating websites

As more and more people switch to online dating, there are various dating sites and apps you can choose from today. Nevertheless, we’ve decided to select the top four dating sites ideal for all the African American divorced singles.

1. OurTime

OurTime review

The desire to love and be passionate doesn’t have to fade away with time. However, most people struggle to meet singles after a certain age, especially for more mature and experienced singles. However, that’s not the case for online dating anymore because users have OurTime.

If you’re an experienced divorced black individual, OurTime is the ideal dating platform for you. It’s a website specifically designed to cater to a more mature crowd. That allows you to find potential partners with similar interests around your age quickly.

2. eHarmony

EHarmony review

As one of the most popular dating platforms, you can’t go wrong with eHarmony. It’s home to a highly diverse and open-minded member base, so anyone is welcome to join it. Whether you’re searching for a casual hookup, serious commitment, or marriage, you can find it on eHarmony.

Furthermore, the sophisticated matchmaking technique of eHarmony allows you to meet divorced black singles with whom you share a lot in common. Even if you’re just interested in having a quality conversation, you can meet friends here too.

4. Cupid

OkCupid review

For relationship-minded black singles who want to re-introduce passion into their lives, Cupid is here. This dating website will spark the long-lost romance and make you fall in love with dating all over again. 

Mingle with other users through a chatroom or have a more intimate conversation with someone through private messaging. People uninterested in serious dating are welcome to join, too – the number of recently divorced singles aren’t typically looking for anything serious before they’re ready to commit to someone.

4. Bumble

Bumble review

Bumble is a dating platform that transformed the entire concept of dating. As a perfect dating website for black divorcees, women are encouraged to make the first step and approach users they are interested in.

Women don’t have to wait for someone to approach them. Instead, they should take the matter into their own hands and start a conversation. Bumble proved to be an outstanding choice, as it’s widely loved by both men and women.


Stepping back into the dating game after going through a divorce isn’t easy. However, the power of advanced technology makes dating easier than ever. All you have to do is find the platform you like the most and create a profile. Your dating adventure will begin soon after, and you’ll only wonder why you haven’t done this earlier.


1. How can I meet local singles near me?

Online dating doesn’t mean the other person is on the other side of the planet. Location search filters allow you to meet local singles, so all you have to do is apply this search filter for your results.

2. Is it okay for recently divorced individuals to date?

There’s no right or wrong time to start dating, and you shouldn’t feel bad when you begin. As long as you feel ready to move to the next chapter in your life, we approve of your decision!

3. Where can I look for black divorced singles?

There are many places where you can meet black divorced singles. OurTime, eHarmony, Cupid, and Bumble are just some of the possibilities.

4. How can I get high-quality matches?

Enter as much information about yourself so the algorithm gets to know you better. It will ensure better matchmaking results. Completing quizzes and surveys also helps.